What are mental health treatment modalities?

In an individual therapy session, a client works one-on-one with a trained therapist. Behavioral therapy encompasses a wide range of therapies that are harnessed to target self-destructive behaviors. Behavioral therapy is based on the belief that behaviors are learned and can be unlearned. For someone who wants to let go of unhealthy behaviors that are proving harmful, it's worth considering behavioral therapy.

What is a treatment modality? A treatment modality is a title given to the variety of different types of treatment to help people with mental health problems. The treatment modality is interchangeable with the approach or type of treatment. At Affinity Treatment Center in San Diego, we recognize that each person will respond differently to different types of treatment, and that's why we offer a host of different mental health treatment modalities. Psychopharmacology involves the use of medications for the treatment of mental disorders.

Psychopharmacology is provided by qualified physicians, including physicians, physician assistants, and family nurse practitioners. The use of psychiatric medications requires extensive knowledge of basic neuroscience, psychopharmacology, clinical medicine and a knowledge of the differential diagnosis of mental disorders to arrive at appropriate treatment options. To provide optimal medication services, the CBC includes laboratory testing and genetic testing where appropriate. Physicians to assist in precertification of drug options, as well as in monitoring medical issues such as drug interactions and compliance.

While any diagnosis is considered, your therapist may not place as much emphasis on mental illness as you would on traditional psychotherapy. Equine-assisted psychotherapy involves the use of horses and other equines to supplement a treatment plan that is generally geared toward healing from trauma and a variety of mental health disorders. Psychotherapy is a learning process in which mental health professionals seek to help people through the exchange of verbal communication. Those with mental health disorders ranging from depression to borderline personality disorder may find the flexibility of outline therapy beneficial.

The polyvagal theory focuses on their social experiences and considers their behavioral challenges and mental health disorders as responses of the autonomous nervous response to these experiences. Nature Therapy allows you to address your mental health, challenges, feelings and behaviors by connecting with nature. For example, a therapist and client work together to identify thoughts that have a negative impact on the patient's mental health and replace them with healthier alternatives. Founded on the concept that every member of a family contributes to the health of the family system, Family Systems Therapy is an excellent option for families experiencing a level of dysfunction that feels unmanageable.

Learning to ignore the worst and most critical impulses and thoughts can increase the quality of life for people with mental health disorders such as depression, OCD, bipolar disorder or PTSD. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a mental health treatment modality that focuses on talking to the patient to teach them the skills needed to cope with extenuating circumstances. This list of mental health treatment modalities includes some of the most common modalities and how they work. Yoga therapy can be used as a treatment or preventive method to maintain your mental and physical health.

Diana Anzaldua
Diana Anzaldua

Diana Anzaldua, LCSW - S, TYCT, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher in Central Texas. As the founder and owner of Austin Trauma Therapy Center, she teaches clients new skills for coping and adapting to the daily stresses of life so they can live the life they imagined by connecting them to their true authentic selves. Diana has been featured in industry magazines & websites such as Bustle, Hello Giggles, Yahoo, PBS, Allure, and more. Diana started this website to help answer FAQs for people interested in learning more about therapy around the world!